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Model: JADE 225/ JADE 240



JADE 225
JADE 240
Pre-milling unit is equipped with 2 timed intervention motors to guarantee a perfect finish. The auto-set device ensures optimum ositioning of the milling tool according to the thickness of the panel being machined bo-phan-phay-canh-jade-200

Optimum gluing thanks to differential temperature control between the glue pot and the glue spreading roller. An automatic stand-by device avoids glue over heating during temporary non-use of the machine.

Quick, easy maintenance thanks to the teflon inner coating. Automatic cutting device for 3 mm edges

End Trimming unit removes excess edging tape at the front and rear of the panel with the 2 high frequency motors ensuring reliability and cutting accuracy. The end trimming unit can be tilted (0-15 degrees) automatically from the control panel bo-phan-xen-dau-duoi-jade-200
bo-phan-xen-tren-duoi-jade-200 Fine trimming unit trims the top and bottom of the edges, with the 2 high-frequency motors and rotating vertical/horizontal disc copiers
The Corner rounding unit with two motors applies the radius not only on the front and rear edges but also on the upper and lower parts of the panel bo-phan-bo-goc-jade-200
bo-phan-cao-chi-jade-200 The Edge scraper eliminates imperfections resulting from previous machining operations on the top and bottom of the edge

The Glue Scraper removes excess glue from the top and underside of the panel. This is the only model on the market fitted with 4 pneumatic cylinders for a top quality finish.

bo-phan-danh-bong-jade-200 Buffing unit for cleaning and polishing the edge and panel.
Visualisation and management of the glue temperature of the roller and the glue pot man-hinh-dieu-khien
giao-dien-man-hinh-dieu-khien-jade-200 Easy program management thanks to the intuitive interface, available in numerous languages
Model  JADE 225 JADE 240
Machine length 4168 mm 5213 mm
Panel height   10-60 mm
Height of edge banding material   14-64 mm 
Thickness of edge banding material in rolls / strips    0.4-8 mm 
Min panel length  150 mm 
Min panel width (with length mm 150)  85 mm
Min panel width (with length mm 250)  50 mm
Track feed speed  12 m/min
Dust extraction system for each operating unit 1 hood dia 100 mm 
Pneumatic connection  7 Bar
Glue pot capacity (approx.) 
2 Kg
Glue pot heating time at ½ load (approx.) 
10 min
With pre-milling unit 
8 kW
With pre-milling & corner rounding unit 
10 kW




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Automatic single-sided edgebanding machines

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