• robot sanding machine that is unique, offering levels of machinability, precision and quality never before obtained with the technology of this sector....

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Model: OPERA R

 The high precision robotic unit resolves problems relating to scratches, which may be made when machining the wood across the grain. It can also smooth multi-level surfaces as well as small internal corners.

►Control Force is a patented system which is located inside the robotic unit and intelligently measures the amount of abrasive pressure applied to the panel, imitating the sensitivity of an artisan but with the accuracy and consistency of precision mechanics.

►Freedom to machine the panel ‘with the grain’, in any orientation, increasing the number of contact points to produce ultra-high quality surface finishes.

►The new Opera R technology can machine elements with different levels like the inner side of profiles, 5 part doors, rebates and window frames, etc

►The Dust Free system removes all dust during the machining operation itself. It's a device housed in the robotic unit and designed to improve the quality of the finish and the work environment

►Tool-holder station with 8 positions for a quick, automated tool change while the machine is running.

Maximum operating width : 760 mm
Max. machinable thickness : 60 mm
Advance speed : 2 - 10m/phút
Operating pressure : 6 bar
Weight : 3650kg
Robot loading capacity : 12kg
Machine size : 2535 x 3105 x 2300mm

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