Short-wood double sided planer

  • Short wood double sided planer has high productivity, high precision and labor cost cutting

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Short-wood double sided planer

Model: GT-400S

Air loaded feed roller
The air loaded feed rollers allows quick change of feed - roller pressure and upgrades uniformity of pressure.
Suitable for cutting long and short wood
Specially designed feeding spikes
Assures smooth feeding effect even while feeding short wood Suitable for intermittent feeding without problem
Angular planning divice
Designed for reducingagainst grain cutting.
For increasing stability before performing short-wood cutting
Short/ long wood change mode
Provides fast selection for short or long wood cutting mode.
Fast adjustment of air - cylinder pressure for feed roller
Synchronized conveyor table(optional)
Mechanical power transmission permits synchronized speed change with the machine.
Feeding inverter
Digital display and quick operation to reduce wear on mechanical gearbox.
Max.working width
 405 mm
Max.working thickness
 170 mm
Min.working thickness
 8 mm
Min.working lenght
 100 mm
Knife Nos. On Top Cutterhead
 96 pcs
Knife Nos. On Bottom Cutterhead
 120 pcs
Specifications of saw
 15 x15 x 2.5 mm
Diameter blades
 Ø 101 mm
Spindle speed
 5000 rpm
Feed speed
 7 – 20 m/min
Top Cutterhead Drive Motor
10 HP
Buttom Cutterhead Drive Motor
7.5 HP
Feeding Motor
2 HP
Elevation Motor
½ HP
Machine size
2650 x 950 x 1850  mm
Packing size
2300 kg


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